Sunday, November 11, 2012

Community Helpers

We spent this week learning about our community and the people who help us in our community.  On Monday, we tried to think of as many different places in our community as we could.  We came up with quite a list!  We then talked about all of the people that work at those places, and learned that we call those people "community helpers". 

On Tuesday, we talked about bakers and chefs.  We practiced being chefs by making our very own English Muffin pizzas!  We also used construction paper to make pretend food.  On Wednesday, we learned about police officers and had a great discussion about what police officers do.  We played community helper bingo and had to match an oral description of the community helper to the picture of the person.  On Thursday and Friday, we talked about what the children wanted to be when they grow up and children drew a picture of what they wanted to be.  Ideas ranged from "Ninja Turtle" to "Hairdresser" to "Spiderman" and "Teacher".  We have some big dreams in this class :)

In math this week, we worked on using our math vocabulary by playing a block game where students rolled a die, and then used the matching number of blocks to build a tower.  After everyone built their towers, we discussed whose tower was tallest, shortest, had the most blocks, had the least blocks,etc.

We also continued working in our Handwriting without Tears books by working on coloring in the lines using red and green crayons.  It was hard work! 

I forgot to bring my camera to school this week, so I apologize for the lack of pictures!

Don't forget about our upcoming food drive this week!  We are trying to collect 1,000 items of food to donate to a local pantry.  If we succeed, we will treat the kids to an ice cream party!

Our Thanksgiving Feast will be held next Tuesday morning at 9:15.  Please return your RSVPs as soon as possible.  We want each child to have at least one special adult join them for this event.  Thank you!

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