Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Fun!

Last week we welcomed fall to our classroom!  We made a beautiful leaf sun catcher for our windows using tissue paper and contact paper.  It was tricky picking up only one piece of tissue paper at a time!

 We used a stuffed squirrel to help us "sniff out" nuts and then matched the number on the acorn to the number in our pocket chart.

Students practiced spelling their names using magnetic letters on the easel.

Some friends enjoyed playing with our felt dolls and accessories.  

We continued our work in our Handwriting Without Tears books by scribbling in stars and fireworks.  This is such hard work for our hands!

We practiced making patterns with leaves to make a fun fall crown!  By the end of the year, we want students to be able to independently make A-B-A-B patterns.  

We made our very own acorn snack by putting a mini Nilla wafer on a Hershey Kiss using Nutella.  Yum!  

Miss Charlette shared the story of Stone Soup with us and we got to help her make our very own "Stone Soup" on the flannel board!

Another great week!  Don't forget to return your child's farm field trip permission slip as soon as you can!  Thanks!

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