Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Olympics Week

Olympics Week is always a favorite, and this year was no different. We started off the week with the Opening Ceremony. Students made flags to represent their chosen country, as well as torches. We marched through school and showed our pride for our country!

We pretended to light the official Olympic torch.

Our first event was "bobsledding". Thank you to all of the families that brought sleds for us to use!

We had the perfect day for sledding! It was a balmy 35 degrees and sunny! 

Hockey was our second event.  We used yard sticks and beanbags and tried to score as many goals as possible.

 On the last day, students received a medal that they had painted earlier in the week for their favorite event.

We cheered again for our countries and did another lap around the school.

What a super fun week!

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