Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We are RED with excitement!

What a fun day we had in P4J!  All of the students were very excited to show their red items that they brought from home.  Students got sit in the rocking chair and  use the "magical microphone" to help them tell about their item. 

We also finished up a few projects that we started yesterday.  Each day we have small group time where the children are split into three groups, and each group works on a different activity.  Not every group gets to do every activity every day, but over the course of two days everyone does everything.  Today we worked on making Fruit Loop necklaces, which is a great activity for building and refining our fine motor skills.

Students also learned how to use tempera paints today.  After a few more "practice" sessions, children will be able to use the tempera paints independently during free choice time in the art center. 

We also continued our work with our names.  Recognizing, writing, and correctly naming the letters in our name is a HUGE 4-year-old skill!  Students tore small pieces of construction paper and glued it to their first letter of their name.  Tearing paper is a great fine motor activity!

Tomorrow we will start work on our age collages (don't forget to bring items tomorrow if you haven't already!).  We will also start on our classroom "Hands" book, and talk about differences in our appearnances. 

We've also been talking this week about "God's book" aka The Bible, and learning about the Creation story.  Ask your child who made them!

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