Saturday, September 8, 2012

What a busy first week!

What a great first week of P4J!  We spent a great deal of time learning our classroom routines and procedures.  The kiddos have caught on really quickly and we will be ready to dive in to our first theme, All About Me, next week.

This week children were introduced to a handful of our many developmental centers throughout the room.  We learned how to use the dramatic play area, block area, books and puzzles, table choices, and art center!  In a few weeks, we will have all of our centers open, but for now, we like to focus on the basics so that children are able to successfully learn how to use the materials as well as how to clean up.

                     Friends create beautiful works of art in our art center.
                Our big bricks are always popular in the block center.
                                Hard at work in dramatic play.
                                  Lots of friends did puzzles today!

We also have started the first of several name projects.  Recognizing and writing one's name a huge P4J skills :)
      Rainbow names - students traced the letters in their names with each of the colors of the rainbow. 
  First letter with stickers - students peeled stickers off of sheets and placed them on the first letter of their name.  This is a great fine motor activity!

Next week, we will be working on a few more name projects, as well as making TWO class books!  We will be focusing on the color RED and the shape CIRCLE.  On Wednesday, your child is welcome to bring in something RED to share with the class (no toys, please).

Also, please have your child bring a picture of their family with them to school sometime this week.  We will hang these in the classroom for the rest of the year, so please send a picture that you don't mind giving up :)  If you do not have a picture handy, you are welcome to email one to me and I will print it for you. 

Finally, we will be working on an "age collage" towards the end of the week.  Please send four or five (if your child is already five) SMALL items that he or she can use in their collage.  Items such as buttons, stickers, etc. are ideal.

Thank your for all your help and please don't hesitate to contact me via phone or email if you have any questions or concerns. 

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