Monday, December 3, 2012

Run, run, as fast as you can.....

You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!

We spent all week learning about gingerbread and will continue to read more gingerbread stories this week.  So far we've read The Gingerbread Man, The Gingerbread Baby, The Gingerbread Girl, and The Gingerbread Girl Goes Animal Crackers

We started the week by playing with some delicious smelling gingerbread play-doh.  Students used cookie cutters to make their own "cookies" for their bakery.  

We practiced sequencing events by putting four pictures from The Gingerbread Man in order and then gluing them to a story board.  After students put the pictures in order, they re-told the story to me.

We used holiday marshmallows to practice graphing.  We rolled a die, and then placed the corresponding marshmallow on the graph in the correct column.  The best part about this activity was eating the marshmallows, of course!

We've also been hard at work in our Handwriting Without Tears books.  So far we've been coloring pictures, really trying hard to stay in the lines and do our best work.  It's hard not to scribble!

On Thursday, we decorated our very own gingerbread cookie!  We were afraid to open the container because we thought the cookies might jump out and run away!  Thankfully, they stuck around so we could eat them!

We've also been hard at work practicing for our Christmas Program which will be held next Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM in the sanctuary.  Children need to be in our classroom by 6:00 so we can get ready.  You definitely won't want to miss the program, so please make sure to attend :)

Finally, PLEASE make sure to send hats and mittens with your child every day.  We had some cold hands last week outside. We do have some extras around the center, but we don't always have enough to go around.  If you need help purchasing winter items, please let me know.   

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