Friday, December 7, 2012

More Gingerbread

This week we finished up our gingerbread unit and began talking about all things Christmas.  We began the week by making a pine cone ornament using colorful puff balls. 

We practiced making uppercase letters by first rolling "snakes" from play-doh, and then forming the snakes into letters. 

We worked together with a partner to play a simple board game.  Board games are great for developing counting skills, turn-taking, and social skills.  In this game, we tried to get the gingerbread baby home to his gingerbread house!

We spent more time learning about patterns.  By the end of the year, we want all of the students to be able to copy, extend and create AB patterns.  We have also been working on ABB and ABC patterns for  additional challenge :)

Finally, we finished up the week by making gingerbread houses!  Students enjoyed decorating their houses with lots of candy and took them home to eat.  Thank you to Ayden and Jae for bringing supplies to help us make them!

Don't forget to join us for our Christmas program on Tuesday evening at 6:30.  Please have children to our room by 6:00 so we can get ready.  Light refreshments will be served in the Fellowship Hall following the program. 

Our last book order before Christmas is due Monday.  Any books ordered will be here before Christmas.  We can also "hide" the books for you if you would like to order books for Christmas gifts and give them to you discreetly.  You can order online at using class activiation code GXPPV. 

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