Friday, January 4, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  I've been waiting to post pictures until I had our Christmas Party pictures to post....and today during the party I forgot to take pictures.  So, without further ado.......


 Everyone looked so handsome at the Christmas Program!  What a great job all of the kiddos did singing their hearts out!

Before break, we worked on many festive arts and crafts projects.  For this project, students had to put seven strips of paper in order from longest to shortest to make a Christmas tree.  Students were then able to decorated their trees with sequins and spangles.

Students worked on matching patterns using unifix boards and cubes.  It's so neat to see the finished product!

We made stockings for Santa!  First, students had to cut out their stocking, then lace a piece of yarn around the outside.  Students then glued cotton balls to the top of the stocking and used glue and glitter to make their names.  

This week, we practiced our cutting and gluing skills by cutting out hats to glue on snowflakes.  We've also been encouraging students to color in the lines - go slow and don't scribble! 

 We worked in our Handwriting without Tears books on Thursday and practiced tracing big and little lines.  Next week we will start working on proper letter formation beginning with the letter "L". 

We also had some sensory fun on Thursday!  Children were able to experience shaving cream on the table.  Students practiced making shapes, letters, and writing their names in the shaving cream.  It was so much fun!

We also really enjoyed our party on Friday!  We opened all of our gifts - thank you to all of the families that gave gifts to our classroom and to Miss Briann and myself.  We are grateful for everything!  We watched the movie "Cars" in our jammies and then returned to the classroom to have some delicious treats.  Thanks again to the families that brought treats and supplies for the party.  Everyone had a great time!

Next week we will continue to talk about winter and will focus our attention on the story The Mitten by Jan Brett.  We will also start to really focus on letter recognition and writing our names correctly.  Kindergarten is coming!

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