Monday, November 4, 2013

Busy, busy bees!

 We have been busy, busy worker bees the last few weeks!  We have had lots of time to explore the classroom while we also worked on fall assessments and our literacy screenings.  

The students love to explore in the art center!  Several different kinds of paints are available for children to use freely every day.  On a typical day, there are many different color mixing experiments taking place that usually end up in the color I like to call "preschool brown".  

Painting on the easel is always a popular choice.  It also help us build strong arm and finger muscles.  

 In the dramatic play center, students are free to act out scenarios and play pretend.  Playing in dramatic play helps students build language skills, learn to interact with other children, and play cooperatively with their friends.

In our science center, students enjoy exploring many different types of materials.  Here, students are exploring the properties of magnets. 

Students love to use the magnifying glass to look closely at different objects in our classroom. 

 We have been exploring corn in the sensory table.  Students are encouraged to talk about the texture of the corn, use the corn to compare the volume of varying containers, and just enjoy the sensory experience.

We recently took our wood blocks out of storage so students have been very excited to get a turn to build with them.  Many of the students enjoy making zoos for the animals.  

Play-doh is always a popular choice.  This month we've been experiencing pumpkin play-doh that smells almost good enough to eat!  Working with play-doh helps strengthen our hands and fingers so that eventually we are strong enough to write!

We've also been busy practicing our ball skills.  We practice throwing, kicking, and catching with partners.  Hopefully the weather cooperates so we are able to keep playing outside!

 Finally, we had our classroom Halloween party last week!  A fun time was had by all.  We wrapped one another up in toilet paper like mummies, and then enjoyed throwing it around :)

Thank you to all of the families that brought items for our party.  Everything was delicious and it was a day to remember! 

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