Monday, December 2, 2013

Pets Week

Our students very much enjoyed learning about pets!  We played many fun games, talked about different kinds of pets, and of course shared about pets that we have at home.

We played pet Go Fish!  Students were dealt five pet-themed cards and had to take turns and ask friends to make a match.  

Feed the Dog was a popular game!  The dog "barked" out a letter, and students had to find the correct letter to feed to the dog.

We sorted animal pictures based on whether or not they would make a good pet.  We decided that zebras do NOT make good pets!

We sorted "pet fish" by their color, and counted how many of each color we had.  We used terms such as more, less, most, and least.  

We sequenced dog bones with the numbers 1-10.  It's tricky putting written numbers in order!

We shared what type of pet we would like best.  Choices were dog, cat, fish, and bird.  Dogs and cats were the two most popular choices.

We were able to bring our favorite stuffed pet from home to share with the class.  And....we were introduced to our very own classroom pets!  Two frogs!

Many of our friends were also busy exploring other areas of the classroom.  We were able to use our classroom iPad to help us learn our letters and letter sounds.  We've been using the Starfall app and Learn with Homer.  Both are great education tools, so if you have an Apple device, check them out!

Some of our friends also discovered the glitter in the art center this week!  It is fun to make glue designs, cover the glue with glitter, and shake it off to see what happens!

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