Monday, December 2, 2013

Gobble, Gobble....It's Thanksgiving!

Whew....Thanksgiving has come and gone and boy were we busy!  

Students have been working hard in the Handwriting Without Tears books.  We've finally finished all of the coloring pages and will be getting started on letter formation soon!  All of that coloring was hard work, but I can really tell the difference in students' fine motor skills!

We played Turkey Roll & Stamp to strengthen our number recognition skills.  Students rolled a die, counted the number of dots, and then stamped the corresponding number on their recording sheet.

We used our iPad to listen to the story, I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie and then completed several activities to go along with the book.  Below, students rolled a die with pictures from the story, and graphed how many of each picture was rolled.  Your child should have also brought home an emergent reader that we illustrated and practiced reading in class.  We have been working reading left to right, and pointing to each word as we read.  Even though we aren't actually able to read yet, it is good practice!

Some of the students painted turkeys for our Feast centerpieces.

All week we talked about popcorn, and on Friday, we made some of our very own.  But how does a popcorn kernel turn into white, fluffy popcorn?  Miss Katie brought in her air popper so we could find out.....

Popcorn everywhere!  After we cleaned up the mess, we made a batch to eat :)

We practiced our cutting skills by cutting out feathers to make our Native American headbands.

The feast on Tuesday was the highlight of our unit!  It was so amazing to see all of the families come and spend quality time with their child.

Thank you again to all of the families that donated items for the feast!  We had such a great time!

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